Sunday, 22 February 2009

My message to Tourism Queensland

TODAY IS THE LAST SUBMISSION for the best job application - the island caretaker of the Great Barrier Reef GBR), Australia. Im very serious with my application but at the same time, I have fun doing it; thus, it is the main reason why Im blogging this to tell the whole world that Im the best person to do the job. As I mentioned in my previous post that my video application is not impressive as people commented BUT my message to Tourism Queensland is that "an ordinary person even someone who works in a food chain has a dream to get the best job in the world; and finally I have my 'green agenda' to help manage this world heritage site sustainably". Why a KFC part-time staff is determined to get the job? Does he has the whole package for the job? Well, read more about me in My world is getting smaller every day and Digitalenvironmentalist.

Ive already watched more than 600 videos by random selection from the list of the applicants who applied in the job, and it is a tough job for Tourism Queensland to decide in the next stage of the competition - who will be lucky enough to be included in the top 50 spots.

It is a time consuming activity for having my own favourites which Tourism Queensland doesnt pay me for doing this, but it is a learning process to learn more about people and GBR. By doing this, I could generate my own top 50 applicants for the job (not to mention myself) and hoping that I will not miss some of the interesting clips that might captivate my imagination and cretivity. And of course, if Tourism Queensland found my top selection, then it will help them narrow down their own selection. I dont have the persuasion to do that, but again it is my wishful thinking that my selection is truly enough represents TQ's objective to get the right person for the job!

To my friends in Ning community, good luck and watch out for my top fav video playlist to be revealed on or before March 1, 2009, prior to Tourism Queesland announcement of its own top 50. This will be posted in WorldBestJob2009 youtube channel. By the way, Im also using James' shortlist application link to facilitate my selection from youtube channels where all the video application are currently active for viewing and voting.

Overall, doing this application is a wonderful experience that I will not forget as long as I live. Even if I will not be selected, I will continue supporting those lucky ones to achieve their ultimate dream and my blogsite will also serve my travel diary in pursuit of my own dream to visit the Great Barrier Reef, maybe not the island caretaker but a "visitor" or a "researcher"... Im not conceding my application but whatever happens, there is always a good reason for every thing and I accept the final verdict on March 2, 2009... Good luck to the rest of the applicants...

UPDATES: According to Craig and Linda of Indietravelpodcast, the PR team of Tourism Queensland announced that the total applications received - 34,684 from over 200 countries; over 7,500 on the weekend; US topped the highest number of applicants with 11,565, from Canada with 2791, UK with 2,262 and finally Australia with 2,064.


  1. There's about 15 minutes of application-time left, so good luck to the late entries and good luck to you once more Rey.

  2. Wow awesome video! Here's my rocking video app.