Monday, 23 February 2009

My first playlist for the top fav video applications

This is my personal selection for my top ten favourite candidates for the best job in the world. This is my first part of my playlist of candidates that I personally thought that have the qualification and personality as the island caretaker. I will be happy to accept their invitations to join them in the Great Barrier Reef.

Again, this is my own choice of clips and I know you have your own list of potentials. Thanks for James shorlist application link and Hailey's discussion on 50 hopefulls which provided me easy way to find some of them and watched their videos.

Watch out for the second batch of my ten top video application playlist. Keep watching... who knows you are in my list. For updates and detailed selection of my playlist, visit my my youtube channel, Worldbestjob2009.

Note: For easy viewing, just click the solid "arrow" at the middle of the screen or at both sides which will directly go to the next video without really opening the youtube link. You can watch the videos simultaneously without clicking the arrows as well, otherwise you want to skip from one to the other.

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  1. Wow awesome video! Here's my rocking video app.