Wednesday, 25 February 2009

My officially approved application for the job

FINALLY, MY SIMPLE CLIP for the best job in the world is officially approved by Queensland Tourism. Im happy to receive your comments and dont forget to vote and please visit my travel sites and blogs as well for updates of my application.


  1. I like that you're sweeping in the video--I can totally emphathize with working toward something better and wanting to get out! The great thing is, you're not bitter or negative or whiney in the video, you're real positive.

  2. Thanks Zellie for that. Im quite an optimistic person and love to do new things... I want to show to QT that having work in a food chain store, I have big dreams to fulfill as well - to change my working environment! I love my work in KFC and to be there is something worth inspiring to ordinary people with low-paying jobs. Thanks again. God Bless!

  3. As I mentioned in my previous journal, I have not received the approval for official viewing from QT since I sent it last Saturday 24th (UK) time. Having mix feelings of excitement, anxious and worriness, so I decided to send them email today thru this address:

    Fortunately, they replied immediately using this email:

    "Hi Rey, Due to an overwhelming response we have a 2 week delay in processing the videos. You will receive an email advising whether your application has been approved or rejected to go live onto the website and for the short listing process. If you receive a rejection email you are welcome to submit another application. You will only be able to reapply if your first application has been rejected."

    Reception| Tourism Queensland |
    Level 10, Tourism Queensland House, 30 Makerston St, Brisbane Qld Australia 4000
    GPO Box 328 Brisbane Queensland 4001 Australia

    It means that I have to wait for the rejection before I could send one. Thinking of the worse scenario, I have to reshoot again with different style/theme - maybe I have to take the advise of my friend to swim in Belfast Lough and go to the nearest zoo to show my animal instinct! LOL... Anyway, hope this will help calm down our island buddies.

  4. For updates regarding my application and other applicants as well, visit the My page site:

  5. Hey Rey! Good video. You def have the background for the position...

    Check out this creative application... It is very creative and funny.

  6. Thanks for sharing the video. I gave it 5 stars. Good luck!

  7. For updates of my environmental (green) agenda, click the link:

    Thanks Craig (Martin) for bringing up this environmental concern on GBR.

  8. Awesome! Here's mine, it rocks- literally!

  9. I did it! I did it! Winner! Email received. Loved your vidy. Hoped you got it.