Thursday, 12 February 2009

My friendly island caretaker hopefulls

I WOULD LIKE TO INTRODUCE TO YOU TWO OF MY NEW ONLINE BUDDIES IN THE ISLAND CARETAKER SITE powered by Ning. One of them is SusieParish who created and organised the site for us candidates have the opportunity to meet online and share our dreams to become the caretaker of one of the islands in GBR.

The site becomes influential in spreading QT's quest to get the best applicant worldwide and personally, it is my source of information on the search updates and of course to find who is/are my rival/s for the position. Susie's initiative is becoming a part of the growing links for this job search.

The other person whom I would like to introduce here is Zellie (Jennifer) and frankly I found her jolly and energetic as her video application showed this personality. I also watched her bloopers - trying to perfect her video application to meet QT's requirements.

So here they are, watching their videos will tell you why I like them - vote for them as well. If you want them to be recognised by others and be in top board of the competition, dont forget to click the links below to vote! Good luck girls...

SusieParish Video Application

Zellie Video Application

NOTE: Their personal blogs are featured here as well, located at the
right side column of the blog page.Both of them from United States of America.

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  1. Rey so kind of you to mention me ^-^ It's been great getting a chance to know you.