Tuesday, 10 February 2009

My aim - to be the top best applicant

AFTER A WEEK MY VIDEO WAS OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED ONLINE, Im monitoring my status every day - trying to find out how many people watched and voted for my video. Asking my friends here (UK) and abroad (especially in the Philippines), once in a while my application is getting to the top board as one of the top UK competitors.

Honestly, Im thinking to submit another application and use Philippines as the country of origin, instead of UK due to the following reasons - Filipinos are curious with other Filipinos especially for this international competition! In this way, I could get more "hits" and votes from them. Secondly, only few people really knows where's Co Antrim (which is in Northern Ireland) and quite difficult to justify why I did not use Philippines in the application.

So if you want to check if I achieve my aim, then click the links below and if you havent voted yet, then this is the time to give me stars!

UK Most Popular Applicants

Most Popular Applicants

This is the link if you want to find out who is leading application from the Philippines...

Philippine Most Popular

This is an exciting experience to me and I received alot of good comments regarding my application. My application also able to find my friends around the world that I did not have contacts/communications for years. So, it is a way to reconnect with close friends!

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