Sunday, 15 February 2009

My best Filipino competitor

I WILL TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO PROMOTE one of the candidates from my home country, Philippines. I think there are a number of potential aspirants for the job and one of them will be featured here. Im hoping that at least two or three (including myself) to be shortlisted. If you did watch these films: Cloverfield, Rec or Quarantine, then you will like Nic's video. Dont think twice, click the link for you to vote!

On the other hand, this is a wishful thinking but who knows, QT will be interested to include my application in the top 50! Frankly speaking, my video is simple and got responses from friends that it is not strong enough to convince QT to hire me as the island caretaker. Why? they told me that my clip did not really show what my personality, talents, and potentials are, aside from "lip-servicing" of them...

Anyway, I did it differently from what others expected to have it in the video by showing to QT that "an ordinary worker of a food chain (with a basic salary) has the same opportunity to dream and apply for the best job in the world". My video serves an aspiration to ordinary working class people to have their ultimate dream job that will provide happiness and fulfillment in life - helping their families for a better future!

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