Friday, 30 January 2009

My georgous competitor from the UK

It is inspiring to watch beautiful faces around the world and she is one of them from Britain but at the moment a tourist in Dubai. She is also inspired to apply as the island caretaker in the Great Barrier Reef. If the selection panel chose her, she can be an excellent model for advertising the island...

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The other things that impressed me and why I featured her video here in my blog is that, we have the same objective why we want the job - to help QT preserve, protect and manage this world heritage site where people around the world could enjoy and will be sustained for the next visitors - 50 years from now or more! What do you think, is she georgous as the island caretaker, then vote now!

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  1. Hettie replies to my thru my personal island caretaker community site. This is what she said: "Am so flattered that you featured me on your blog! Thankyou. It is so true that not enough people are thinking about how influential the island caretaker is going to be on the preservation of the reefs and islands and that is definately one of the reasons I'd love to be given the chance to give future generations a chance to see their beauty. I have to admit I haven't had the time to browse people blogs but will get to it as would be interested to read yours! Cheers :-)"

    Good luck and see you in Hamilton Island!