Wednesday, 4 February 2009

My Aussie co-candidate breaks the top

AS OF TODAY (UK time), the battle for the job is getting popular after 4 weeks being announced worldwide. QT announced that more than half of the people sent their video clips rejected than being approved and posted online in the official site, islandreefjob.

Even up to now, I havent receive any confirmation yet from my future employeer that my video (above) is approved for viewing. Im anxious to see my clip in the site and ask my friends to watch and vote for it.

For the meantime, today Im sharing another potential hopeful for the position, of course direct from Australia. She lives in Queensland where the GBR is located and she is currently on the top board for the most popular application. Watch her video and find out why she is popular. What do you think of Hailey Turner, could she make it to the top 50. Maybe yes! 4 stars from me...

It is also fascinating to see that the applicants who are now in the top positions for popularity and most viewed are mostly ladies! It seems that men are watching too much nowadays...

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