Thursday, 29 January 2009

My Proposal: Island Caretaker Applicants' Meet-up 2009/2010

What: Island Caretaker Candidates Meet-up 2009/2010

When: between July - Dec 2009 ( November is recommended) or sometime in 2010

Where: Hamilton Island, Great Barrier Reef, Queensland, Australia

Tentative Programme: (2 nights/3days) Day 1: Welcome Party/Socialising; Day 2: Official meeting with QT authority and the Island Caretaker; Island hopping (explore the Great Barrier Reef) as a group and Farewell party (night) Day 3: Island hopping ( own schedules)

Organiser: Each continent will have its own contact team leader like US, UK/Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, etc. which be responsible for organising their trips to Australia.

Attendance: All the people who applied in the job search and we might open it to other non-participants (friends/relatives).

Travel Agent: We will ask someone (travel agent) to do the itinerary in terms of group accommodations to get cheaper and discounted deals. The travel agent will only arrange our itinerary and lodging from the time we arrive the Great Barrier Reef. Travels from point of origin (UK) to Australia entry point are responsibility of the individual participants. Otherwise you can arrange among yourselves within your country and contact your local travel agents.
What to bring: swimming gears, cameras, videcams, etc. Dont forget to bring a file of your video clip just in case that there is no wireless connection in the island. Each one has the opportunity to introduce themselves in the Welcome Party...

Promotion Blogsite: Island Caretaker - Best Job in the World powered by Ning (created by SusieParish) will be the official website for the meet-up. For additional updates of this proposal, please click the blogsite above and you can sign-up even you are not a candidate for the job.


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  1. Updates for this proposal is linked to the site below. If you are interested to join and have ideas to make this proposal come true, post your comment and I will answer your query.