Tuesday, 5 May 2009

My Thoughts on Top 16 Finalists Blogs

I CAN'T HELP MYSELF for having a quick post concerning the BLOGS (powered by Tumblr) written by the top 16 finalists as part of the selection process of TQ. Aside from their personal blogs, it is interesting to find out how they embarked on their quest to become the islandcaretaker. Despite the hectic schedule, some of them managed to maintain their personal blogs - trying their best to bring GBR to us - so far but yet so near!
Im providing you the links of the blogs prepared by each of the finalists.

This is not the only criteria for TQ's decision, but personally, the blog somehow shows how effective the "chosen one"to promote this wold heritage to the world. I extracted some interesting phrases from their journals - describing the places they have visited, and the activities they have experienced vying for the islandreefjob!

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