Friday, 16 January 2009

My adviser - BBC News UK

BBC NEW UK posted an article that provides helpful tips to be in the top of the competition and successfully securing this coveted position. Unfortunately, I did not follow all as part of my one-minute video clip considering my time and resources to do it. Honestly, I love outdoor activities, love nature, forest and animals and wildlife. This is the environment that I was born and raised back in my home country, the Philippines. So, there is no point of telling this, except for people who did not experience really living in an island or tropical environment like Australia.

As quoted from the article and my reflections: (watch the video as well, photo above from BBC News UK site)

1. Get the basics things right - in terms of video format application - I have the right format using my Sony DSC W55 digital camera and using the Microsoft movie maker software available in my Sony Viao notebook.

2. Make the video as strong as possible - I dont have a camrecorder which might gives better quality; nevertheless my digicam really reliable to capture my quest for this job. It is candid, relax, and clear.

3. Demonstrate a spirit of adventure - Well my blogs show this adventures and travelling experience. Unfortunately, I dont have extreme sport activities but I will try if it is necessary.

4. Mention all your relevant experience - I dont have a scuba experience but I have experience to find food under sea while growing up in the Philippines. It does not really matter if I dont have a geography background as long as I know the basic things to stay alive in the wild! I think my strong qualification is really my knowledge in water, wasterwater and waste management which is really essential in sustainable tourism in Hamilton Island.

5. Know your marine wildlife - Again, it is bias for people who do not have background (both academic or actual working experience) on marine life and wildlife. There is always time to study/review about these things if I will be shortlisted.

6. Show your genuine love of animals and the outdoors - I love animals but there is no point to mention it or have it recorded for the sake of convincing the judges that I love outdoors! I dont to show them that I can sit besides the tiger or lion or even carrying a python. There are more dangerous than that - pirates and thieves!

7. Enhance your application - 60 seconds not enough to show all but I have included the url of my blogs for them to see that I do blogging and I have the communication skills both oral and writing.

8. Balance the fun factor with a more serious side - Im not nervous but calm doing my clip and at the end my friend who took the clip did something which made it funny to watch, then I laughed!

9. Dont waste money on a course - This is the reason why I make my clip simple and besides I do what QT needs for the job. I can take photographs, record events, and write blogs, including reviews online.

10. Are you sure you're the right person - Honestly, I am left-handed person but Im the right person for the job and I can start in July as soon I receive my airticket from Northern Ireland to Australia. Philippines is just up of Australia so any time I could have a weekend break and market the island to my "kababayans".

What do you think, can I make it in the top 50?

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